Monday, 2 April 2012

Tribute to Harold George Mackrell

Harold George Mackrell OAM

26-1-1924 – 1-4-2012

Harold George Mackrell OAM died peacefully on Sunday 1st April, 2012. He leaves a legacy of community service, strengthened international bonds and remarkable friendships. He will be remembered with deep affection by the many overseas students to whom he was mentor and friend. 

His life of public service involved him in both political and social spheres; he served as Mayor of Fitzroy City Council. He was active in the Australia Asia Association, St Luke’s Anglican Church, Friends of Merri Creek, Fitzroy Historical Society and Fitzroy Bowling Club.

A scholarship for Indigenous students is to be established at the University of Melbourne in his name. In accordance with Harold’s wishes there will be no public memorial or funeral service and in lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to Sunrise Children’s Villages.

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The Mackrell family mourns the loss of Harold, brother-in-law, cousin, uncle and family elder. 

Harold was held in deep affection by his close and extended family for his kindness, humour and the depth of his generosity and affection. He was a loving son and a fun companion to his cousin Evelyn in childhood; devoted to his sister Shirley and brother Roy their children Mark and Fiona and his wider family.  

He accepted everyone with equal generosity, to our family he introduced wayfarers, the lost and lonely, eminent politicians and war heroes, high ranking international government ministers, intellectual and spiritual giants and gave us loving friends. 

It is typical of him that he gave everything of himself to the extent that he has donated his body to medical science and wanted no funeral or memorial service.  

He enriched our lives and gave us a model of a truly good man. It was a privilege for all of us to be related to him.  We will all grieve his passing, he will be deeply missed by family: sister-in-law Marie Mackrell, nephew Mark Skelton, niece Fiona Mackrell, grandnieces Ella Bentley-Skelton and Charlotte Hutson, cousin Evelyn Smedje and family.

The family wishes to sincerely thank the special friends who maintained their visits and contacts with Harold over the last two years, Bai Ming, Lia Yin, Anna Hooi and Bob Sims for their devotion, and the management and staff of Westgarth Aged Care Facility for their dedication and compassion. 


  1. Harold was a true, thouroughly decent gentleman who worked tirelessly for his community and the things he believed in. He was always so busy, it was amazing that he kept up his appointments with a whole variety of organisations for so long. As Secretary of Friends of Merri Creek, I'm very glad and extemely honoured that Harold somehow found so much time to be a most active member of our group.

  2. I was one of the many Asian students who was at the receiving end of Harold's generosity and friendship, which was later extended to my wife, in fact, he spoke at our wedding. Harold often provided advice and mentorings when sought, but importantly he embraced the Asian culture and we shared many meals together, although sometimes with reservations on some delicacies. We will remember him as someone who lived by example showing warmth & compassions. He "spoke" of the work of the Lord by deeds rather than by words. We have been most blessed to have known such a man of love.

  3. Maxwell J Hall5 April 2012 at 00:18

    A great man with a great heart. He was always doing unto others. I first met him when I was with the Melbourne Community for Overseas Students Incorporated and many parties at Fitzroy since then. His passing will bring back many memories to many students and others now scattered around the world, who shared good times at Miller Street.